NDIS Support Services


At Hurdle, we provide individual, and group supports for social and community participation that cater to your unique interests and hobbies. Our team of Mentors are dedicated to helping you stay active, develop new skills, and build meaningful relationships through a range of centre-based and community activities.

Our focus is on nurturing your independence and self-assurance, which is why we offer life skill activities such as cooking, shopping, and reading groups, as well as social skill activities like art workshops, candle making workshops, bowling, swimming, and tours. We believe in encouraging you to try new experiences, both individually and in groups, to help you achieve your social and community participation goals.

How we support you

Hurdle provides a range of support services including:

  • Personalised access to social and community activities.
  • Group social activities with 4 to 6 participants.
  • Regularly scheduled activities to help you make new connections and enjoy yourself.
  • Specialised workshops with no prerequisites or requirements.
  • Access to centre-based activities located at the Hurdle Learning Hub
  • Community activities in various locations around Melbourne.
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