NDIS Support Services


No matter what your hobbies or interests are, Hurdle individual and group supports assist your social and community participation goals.
Centre-based and community activities available.

Hurdle Mentors help you engage in social and community activities tailored to keep you active, build your skills and create new relationships. We encourage everyone to try new things and experience activities individually and in groups.

Strongly focusing on building your independence and confidence. We offer life skill activities such
as cooking, shopping and reading groups. Our social skill activities including art workshops, candle
making workshops, bowling, swimming and touring activities.

Hurdle support includes:

  • Individual access to social and community activities.
  • Social activities in groups of 4 to 6 people.
  • Regularly held activities; make new friends whilst having fun!
  • Speciality workshops – no prerequisites or requirements
  • Centre-based activities located at the Hurdle Learning Hub
  • Community activities around Melbourne


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