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Transitioning between different stages of life can be challenging, but Hurdle’s supports can help make the process easier.

We offer tailored activities to promote your choice and control and develop your skills at important stages of your life. Our focus is on building life skills that are essential for you to become more independent both at home and in the community.

Our supports may include assistance with attending appointments, shopping, bill paying, budgeting, decision making, daily planning, participating in social activities, and staying connected with others.

How we support you

Hurdle provides comprehensive assistance to improve your life skills, including:

  • Financial management – we support you in understanding your finances, identifying your spending and saving patterns, banking, personal budgeting, and planning for your future. 
  • Developing decision-making strategies and problem-solving skills to help you make informed choices and manage challenging situations. 
  • Creating and maintaining routines to stay organised and manage your time effectively, including scheduling appointments and important dates. 
  • Improving your computer skills, including email management, Microsoft Word and Excel, and internet security.
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