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Evidence of Disability

Posted by: Hurdle Customer Service
Last Updated: April 29, 2022

The NDIA is responsible for determining who is eligible to access the NDIS. To allow the NDIA to determine whether you meet the access requirements for eligibility, you need to provide evidence of your disability as part of your access request. To support your access request, we’ve provided you with key information about evidence.

What evidence of disability is considered acceptable?

Providing good evidence of disability with your access request, will support the NDIA to make a decision about your eligibility. Good evidence is:

  • Current (less than 12 months old).
  • From a treating health professional. 
  • Confirms your primary disability.
  • Confirms the impacts of your disability on the key areas of your life. 
  • Describes previous treatments and outcomes. 

Who can provide evidence of your disability?

Your treating health professionals can provide your evidence of disability. These health professionals include:

  • General Practitioner (doctor)
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Pathologist 
  • Neurologist 
  • Psychologist 
  • Psychiatrist 
  • Physiotherapist 

The treating health professional who provides the evidence of your disability must be:

  • The most appropriate person to provide evidence of your primary disability. 
  • The health professional who has treated you for a significant period of time (eg. At least 6 months).

What evidence do you need from your treating professional?

Your treating professional will need to provide evidence that:

  • You have a permanent disability, including information about:
    • The type of disability.
    • The date your disability was diagnosed. 
    • How long the disability will last. 
    • Available treatments (ie. Medications, therapies) 
  • Your disability impacts your everyday life in the following areas, including a description of how each area is impacted:
    • Mobility
    • Communication
    • Social Interaction
    • Learning
    • Self-Care
    • Self-Management 

For further information on NDIS access requests, contact Paula Oliva on 0466 213 362 or via email

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