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At Hurdle, we specialise in helping you develop your employability skills by offering education and work-related activities tailored to the job you’ve always dreamed of.

Our employment supports are founded on the principles of social and economic inclusion, encouraging self-awareness, confidence, independence, and choice.

We offer individualised supports to help you gain training and work opportunities that align with your employment goals. Our tailored program includes skill-building activities, on-the-job training, learning opportunities, and work experience to help you achieve your desired job.

How we support you

Creating your personalised employment journey involves several steps that our team at Hurdle can support you with. These include:

  1. Work experience or volunteering opportunities in a real workplace to gain practical skills and knowledge.
  2. Developing your employability skills such as understanding workplace policies and procedures, effective communication, your roles and responsibilities as an employee.
  3. Building your personal attributes like self-confidence, assertiveness, work behaviour, motivation, organisational skills, and initiative.
  4. Creating your resume, searching for jobs, completing job applications, and practicing your interview skills.

Our team of employment specialists will work closely with you to develop a tailored plan that meets your unique needs and goals and supports you throughout the journey towards finding the job you want.

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